February 26, 2024

Strawberries Gone Wild! Controlling Unwanted Strawberry Plants

I love this time of year!  Everyone is thinking about what’s in store this year for their gardens and landscaping.  Unfortunately, not everything growing in the gardens is wanted.  Let’s talk weeds and specifically what to do when your strawberries have gone wild or your unwanted strawberry plants are simply taking over your backyard.

Yesterday, a neighbor asked me if I knew how to get rid of the unwanted wild strawberries that are invading her backyard.  Every year, they have gotten worse and worse and now they are starting to grown in her lawn.  She has had it with them!

I told her that although pulling is the only non-chemical solution that I am sure of, some suggestions using vinegar can be found on this forum.  In addition, there is also a chemical option for controlling them that she could try.  You can spot treat these unwanted plants with a product such as Roundup.  These fatal vegetation killers will destroy the tops, roots and runners of these weeds, but be very careful not to get the chemicals on the surrounding grass or flowers.  It WILL kill those too!

You can try painting the weed killer directly on the unwanted plant to avoid damaging the surrounding plants or try creating a shield using plastic formed into a funnel somewhat like a plastic tomato cage and isolate the plant this way during the treatment of the vegetation killer.  A plastic milk jug with the bottom cut out will also work well for this kind of treatment.  Just be careful not to remove the shield until the dripping has stopped so that you don’t unknowingly treat the plants you wanted to protect from the chemical.

As always, make sure to read and follow the directions on the label and wear the recommended protective gear when using any chemicals.

Happy Gardening!

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